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Amy Brignall, et al. v. New York State Unified Court System, et al.

March 10, 2022

Over 100 court employees file an action in state court opposing mandatory vaccines for NY Unified Court System employees.

Representing a client group of over one hundred (100) court employees, the Tiveron Law Law Firm has today filed an action in state court against the New York State Unified Court System (“UCS”), and Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence K. Marks, to strike down the discriminatory mandated vaccination program of the UCS.

The Petition argues that the vaccine mandate is an overbroad public health measure, which Justice Marks lacks the authority to issue. It is the position of the Court workers that in issuing this mandate, the various Defendants have usurped the role of the New York State Legislature. This policy is without any sound, scientific basis and has labeled numerous Court System employees as ‘unfit for duty.’ They are then unceremoniously fired from their positions and denied unemployment benefits, as further unwarranted punishment. It is truly disheartening to see individuals who in many instances, have devoted their entire careers to improving our Court system for the public’s benefit, being treated in such a poor manner.

We will be seeking both temporary and permanent injunctions as quickly as we are able to secure a hearing date with the Court. 

Tiveron Law is also considering the filing of a related legal action challenging the same Court System’s unnecessary face mask mandate if it is not withdrawn on a voluntary basis.