Buffalo Criminal Defense Lawyers Providing an Aggressive Legal Defense for the Accused

Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming. If convicted, the consequences you face could change your life forever. In addition to heavy fines and incarceration, your conviction could damage your reputation and affect your future employment and educational opportunities. Fortunately, you do not have to face these charges alone. The Buffalo criminal defense lawyers at Tiveron Law can provide you with experienced, aggressive legal representation so that you can face your charges and hopefully put them behind you.

How Our Buffalo Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help

When charged with a crime, it is critical to remember the prosecution and the judge are not on your side. The prosecution may lead you to believe that your cooperation will result in a lighter punishment, but this tactic is designed to make their case easier and get a faster conviction. The judge, on the other hand, is a neutral party. This means they cannot offer you legal advice, raise defenses on your behalf, or identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Altogether, this means that you are at a considerable disadvantage if you don’t have someone on your side.

At Tiveron Law, our Buffalo criminal defense lawyers level the playing field, giving you the best possible opportunity at a fair result. We do this in the following ways:

  • By thoroughly investigating your charges to determine what really happened.
  • By scrutinizing the prosecution’s evidence to identify the assumptions they have made and the weaknesses in their case.
  • By identifying and gathering the evidence you need to make a strong defense.
  • By finding, interviewing, and preparing witnesses to testify on your behalf.

Along the way, we keep you fully apprised of what is happening with your case and help you make an informed decision as to how we proceed.

Buffalo Criminal Defense Lawyers with Experience in All Types of Criminal Cases

Our team of Buffalo criminal defense lawyers has deep experience in getting results in all types of criminal charges, both felonies and misdemeanors, including the following:

  • Controlled substances
  • Offenses against others
  • Offenses against property
  • Firearms and weapons charges

No matter what criminal charges you are facing, we can help you get a fair outcome.

Buffalo Criminal Defense Lawyers Representing People Accused of White Collar Crimes

We also represent people charged with white-collar crimes, including the following:

  • Credit fraud
  • Bribery
  • Insurance fraud
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Tax evasion

Criminal cases involving white collar crimes can be extraordinarily complex. Our team of Buffalo criminal defense lawyers knows the intricacies of these laws and how they will apply to your case. As seasoned trial attorneys, we know how to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and what it takes to build a compelling defense.

Charged with a Crime? Talk to Our Buffalo Criminal Defense Lawyers Today

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