Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits allow victims sharing common injuries from the same or comparable circumstances to litigate their claims effectively and in a collective manner. By sharing resources and expenses toward a common effort, these similarly-situated individuals can pursue justice for widespread negligence, misconduct, or general wrongdoing of another person or organization.

At Tiveron Law, we represent plaintiffs in class action litigation. Our attorneys are well-versed in all phases of class action litigation, including class certification, discovery (including written discovery and depositions), motion practice, and settlement/mediation.

If you think your case may fit into a class action, don’t wait to contact an attorney, as there may be statutes of limitations that can apply, which would require your claim to be made within a certain period of time.

Current Class Actions


Have you received a loan from the Department of Education? Is that loan being serviced by Navient? If so, has that loan ever been put in forbearance?

If you answered yes to these questions, you might have a legal claim against Navient.

Tiveron Law has commenced a federal lawsuit against Navient on behalf of borrowers just like yourself. With our firm’s help, these borrowers will prove that Navient steered their loans into forbearance and falsely reported their loans as delinquent, past due, or in default, significantly worsening their financial positions.

If you think your student loan has been steered into forbearance or misreported to the credit reporting agencies, call our office now to learn more – you may qualify to join the fight against Navient.


Tiveron Law is accepting class action clients who were issued notices of violation of the School Safety Zone Program for alleged speeding on Bailey Avenue on and after October 13, 2020. This includes everyone ticketed by the school zone cameras on Bailey avenue, regardless of whether the violation names Westminster or BPN as the school.

The lawsuit contends, among several points, that since BPN Academy does not offer educational instruction at the elementary through high school levels, it is not a school for the purpose of being in a “school speed zone” or being a school in session. Therefore, according to the lawsuit, the Bailey Avenue photo monitoring system is being used by the City without legal authority.

The lawsuit seeks the refund of fines paid by members of the class. Anyone who was issued a Notice of Violation by the photo monitoring system on Bailey Avenue since October 13, 2020, and is interested in joining this class action should send an email to