Collaborative Law

We have attorneys trained in the process of Collaborative Law, which is an alternative form of dispute resolution where both clients retain their own collaboratively trained attorneys to assist them in reaching a negotiated agreement outside of court that meets the needs of both parties. This practice emphasizes respect, honesty, open communication, and working to prevent an emotionally and financially draining court battle.

Not only can Collaborative Law be an effective way to solve problems jointly, but it is also less strenuous, especially for any children that may be involved. As stated by the International Association of Collaborative Practitioners, the heart of collaborative law is the belief shared by the couple and their attorneys that it is in their best interest and that of the family to resolve their differences with minimal conflict and without going to court. As a result, our collaborative attorneys assist the parties in communicating calmly to express their needs and interests by asking questions, helping the parties hear each other, and offering potential alternatives. The result of a collaborative process is a legal and binding agreement and often the filing of an uncontested divorce.