Buffalo Real Estate Lawyers Working with Residential Property Owners

For most people, their home or other property they own is likely to be their most valuable asset, representing a lifetime of hard work and saving. As a result, you should not hesitate to invest in professional guidance to assist you in whatever real estate transactions you need. An experienced Buffalo residential real estate attorney can guard the value of your investment and help ensure that your transaction is as problem-free as possible.

Buying or Selling Property? A Buffalo Residential Real Estate Attorney Can Help

Whether it is your dream home, an investment or vacation property, or some other type of real estate, our goal is to help you navigate the sale or purchase of the property as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. To that end, we provide closing services for both purchases and sales. This includes a careful review of the title to the property and facilitating the resolution of any potential title defects or other issues prior to settlement. We can also help you resolve any financial issues you may encounter so that the closing can proceed.

Workout and Restructuring Assistance

Sometimes life happens, and people find themselves in a situation they didn’t anticipate. Unfortunately, this often means that people don’t have the funds available to keep current on their mortgages. However, foreclosure or other enforcement actions can sometimes do more harm than good. To that end, our Buffalo residential real estate attorney team assists property owners and lenders in loan workouts and other restructuring options. We help owners and lenders find solutions that work for everyone’s benefit.

More Than Just Closings – How Our Buffalo Real Estate Lawyers Can Help

Every Buffalo residential real estate attorney at Tiveron Law can assist you in a variety of matters. We help your clients with the following types of transactions:

  • Drafting and negotiation of easements, licensing agreements, and other real estate or land use documents
  • Assistance with matters involving restrictive covenants
  • Landlord and tenant matters, including drafting and negotiation of leases
  • Real estate litigation

We offer a broad range of legal services encompassing all of your residential real estate needs. Whether you are facing a conflict or simply need to negotiate an agreement to protect your rights, we can help.

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