Corporate and Business

Tiveron Law’s corporate and business law team knows business owners and entrepreneurs operating in New York State face many legal issues. Our goal is to provide practical, helpful advice that proves to you the value of engaging corporate legal counsel.

We provide a wide variety of legal services to our business clients, from formation to dissolution and almost everything in between. We assist out-of-state and Canadian companies to expand into the local and U.S. markets. We can assist with compliance of state and federal taxation laws, sales tax audits, and more.

From start-ups to large corporations, business clients need legal help that does not always fall into a specific category. At Tiveron Law, we are equipped to help our business clients, large and small, deal with the challenges of operating and growing their businesses.

The practice areas below represent common issues or problems we encounter with clients. Within the Corporate Department and as a general practice law firm, we aim to provide a comprehensive approach to our client’s needs. If you have a question or concern that does not seem to fit into one of these topics, please do not hesitate to contact us. We know that the problems businesses face are rarely packaged neatly into one discrete area, and we pride ourselves on being well-rounded enough to understand the whole picture and create solutions for you.

We understand that small businesses, especially start-ups, face tight financial constraints and may not be able to commit to a traditional hourly fee schedule for legal services. To help you budget for legal expenses, we have developed and implemented alternative fee structures. We are willing to devise a plan that will work for you, from flat monthly fees to cover a range of issues to flat rates for certain services, such as setting up new corporations or LLCs. We strive to develop working relationships with our clients based on consistent communication and frequent interaction. Providing alternative fee arrangements is part of our commitment to working with our clients to help foster productive, long-term attorney-client relationships.