Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pools provide a great recreational summer activity; however, they can be dangerous. Drowning can occur when someone falls, dives/ jumps improperly, or becomes entrapped or entangled in suction drains or other defective pool materials.

The most common injuries sustained in swimming pool accidents, besides drowning, include:

  • Head or neck injuries
  • Disembowelment
  • Limb injuries
  • Death

Negligence from a responsible party’s failure to take the necessary steps to prevent swimming pool accidents can happen in a variety of ways. Such as, an adult caring for children in a home with a pool may fail to supervise adequately to prevent them from entering the pool area. It can take just moments for a child to drown.

Negligence can also occur in failing to secure a pool area properly. For example, pools that lack adequate fencing or other barriers pose a serious threat to children and others. Property owners are responsible for restricting access to pools, and children cannot enter pool areas unattended.

Pool/spa builders or maintenance professionals can also be negligent if they fail to make spas and pools safe. Such professionals have a duty to comply with all state safety laws and be held responsible for swimming pool accidents resulting from safety law noncompliance.

Defective or broken spa/swimming pool components can also lead to accidents. For example, suction drains can entrap people at a pool’s bottom due to faulty, improperly covered, broken, or poorly maintained drains causing severe bodily harm.

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