Constitutional Law

Tiveron Law’s Constitutional Law attorneys represent corporations, small businesses, associations, and individuals in matters that involve challenges to rules, regulations, ordinances, statutes, laws, procedures, and conduct that violate fundamental constitutional rights. Our Constitutional Rights attorneys are solid and compelling courtroom advocates with the skills and experience necessary to handle a diverse range of cases involving federal, state, and local statutes and protections, including due process claims, equal protection claims, first amendment claims, Section 1983 Actions.

For Tiveron Law, there is nothing more important than the protections afforded by our Constitution. The United States Constitution is the supreme law of this country and for all who dwell and travel within. The firm takes great pride in the practice of Constitutional Law and having one of the most active and effective litigation teams fighting for the preservation and protection of constitutional rights for those residing in Western New York.

Litigating High Stakes Constitutional Rights Cases for Small Businesses in New York State,

our firm has represented plaintiffs in claims against state actors for constitutional rights violations. For example, when the state, at the direction of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, enacted emergency declarations during the COVID-19 crisis, our attorneys successfully argued that a number of these declarations were unconstitutional and caused irreparable harm to Erie County businesses.

In the case of Amherst Pizza & Ale House, LLC et al. v. Andrew M. Cuomo et al., our clients were granted a preliminary injunction allowing restaurants named in the suit to re-open under yellow zone restrictions with the Supreme Court Justice ruling: “Considering the record presented, this court cannot find evidence that the State had a rational basis to designate portions of Erie County as an Orange Zone on November 18, 2020.” And further stated, “Petitioners have also demonstrated that the Orange Zone designation has caused loss of revenue, unemployment, potential foreclosure and hardship upon Erie County residents.”

The attorneys at Tiveron Law are recognized as trusted and experienced trial lawyers with the skill and knowledge required to handle any constitutional rights case. We meticulously craft our cases and fully prepare to take them to trial. Additionally, our lawyers are experienced at all levels of appeal.