Marital mediation services can be a cost-effective and less adversarial alternative to traditional divorce and separation proceedings. The mediation process works to achieve a peaceful settlement between disputing parties. Our experienced mediators lend support and offer their expertise to assist our clients in resolving disputes in a confidential setting.

The role of a mediator is not to represent either side of a dispute but rather to act as a neutral third party to facilitate communication and guide the parties through a process where they can discuss the various issues in their case to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Because both parties are fully engaged in the entire process, you control how fast you want to move along. You can expedite the process and resolve it much quicker than in a traditional divorce since the control is in your hands. Likewise, you can also control the cost.

Since the mediator acts as a neutral third party, they cannot provide legal advice to either side. Suppose you are currently involved in a mediation and need an outside attorney to provide you with legal advice. In that case, our attorneys are available to represent you and ensure your interests are protected.

Parties interested in having more control over the outcome of their case, avoiding the adversarial process and costs that may occur with the court, and who have a certain level of mutual trust in one another are the typical candidates for mediation.