Firearm/Weapons Charges

New York State has a reputation nationally for having some of the country’s most complex firearm and weapon laws, with the strictest penalties. The Criminal Possession of a Weapon is also one of the most common charges filed by New York prosecutors. In addition, prison sentences are routinely mandatory for first-time offenders and those with extensive histories.

When most people hear of weapon charges, they immediately think about guns and knives. However, many other instruments are considered “illegal under New York law.” These illegal weapons include billy clubs, brass knuckles, switchblades, slingshots, kung fu stars, and Chuka sticks. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing those accused of illegally possessing such weapons.

New York State also has different classifications and differing rules for guns. Under New York State law, handguns, short-barreled shotguns, and “assault-style” rifles are considered “firearms.” To legally possess and carry a firearm, you must obtain a license from the state. However, the state does not require a license if you wish to own or have a shotgun or “regular” rifle, known as “long guns.” As a result, guns that are perfectly legal to possess in many other states are often illegal in New York.

The New York weapons laws are constantly in flux and subject to change, so it is essential that anyone carrying a weapon know the current state of the law. Whether you were merely traveling through the state, checking your lawfully possessed out-of-state pistol at an airport, or in a car, which the police presumed you exercised control over a weapon you knew nothing about.

If you face gun, firearm, or weapons charges in New York State, you need highly qualified and experienced legal representation. Contact one of our criminal defense attorneys, well-versed in New York’s gun laws, to defend you against extensive fines and imprisonment.