Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability benefits are available to anyone with injuries, illnesses, or disabilities that prevent them from earning a living. Any medical condition — physical, mental or emotional — that prevents you from working full-time can be used as a basis for disability benefits. However, proving the disability to the Social Security Administration can be complex; the application process is lengthy, and denied claims are common. At Tiveron Law, our SSD attorneys have the experience to help you avoid errors in the application process that can lead to denial.

We provide legal guidance and advice related to the following government-sponsored disability programs:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are available to individuals who have paid into the Social Security system through their wages and have worked for a specified period of time.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are available to people whose income and assets fall within certain limits and do not otherwise qualify for SSDI benefits.

Filing a Claim

For both SSD and SSI, in most cases, you must be able to prove that you can no longer perform your former job or any work because of your disability. Your condition must also be verified to last 12 months or longer; this makes your medical record of utmost importance when you apply for Social Security Disability. The Social Security Administration decides whether to grant or deny your claim based on your doctor’s diagnosis and recovery prediction. At Tiveron Law, we work closely with our clients and their doctors to include the necessary information to secure a claim.

The disability programs administered by the SSA have a similar process and timeline. Our attorneys guide clients through each step of the Social Security claims process, including the initial application and administrative appeals of initially denied claims. We only charge a contingency fee if we successfully obtain your benefits. The contingency fee comes out of back benefits only, not any of your future benefits.

A severe impairment may mean the end of your work career, but it shouldn’t mean the end of a comfortable life. The Social Security program is in place to put you at financial ease during your time of need. Let us start the application process on your behalf or handle a claims denial on appeal. Know that there is a five month timeframe before you receive disability benefits and a short 60-day window to appeal a denial, so contact us as soon as possible to schedule your free consultation.