Turn to a Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident or Injury

Accidents happen every day and many of them result in serious injuries that can change your life forever. Whether they result in temporary or permanent disability, your accident could leave you unable to work or take care of your family, in addition to the staggering medical bills you may now be facing. And without an experienced injury lawyer, that means you are at the mercy of insurance companies that unfortunately place their profits over your recovery.

At Tiveron Law, we understand the challenges you face after an accident, and more importantly, know how to get results. When you work with a Buffalo personal injury lawyer from our firm, you have a powerful advocate on your side that will help you get the compensation you need to get back on your feet.

A Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney Team Handling All Types of Personal Injury Claims

At Tiveron Law, we handle more than motor vehicle accident cases. We have the knowledge and experience needed to help accident victims injured by someone else’s negligence get fair compensation in almost any type of case. This includes the following types of personal injury claims:

  • Premises liability claims such as those involving negligent security, injuries caused by a hazardous environment, drownings, or dog or animal attacks.
  • Slip and fall cases where you are injured in a fall caused by the property owner’s negligent maintenance of the property.
  • Product liability claims arising from dangerous or defective products.
  • Construction accidents such as those arising from scaffolding collapses or other injuries sustained while on a construction site.

We also represent clients in wrongful death actions where the victim dies as a result of their accident. No matter what type of accident you have been injured in, a Buffalo personal injury lawyer from our firm can determine whether you have a claim and help you get fair compensation.

About The Personal Injury Claim Process in New York

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you essentially have two options:

  1. Settle your claim with the responsible party; or
  2. File a lawsuit and seek compensation through the courts.

The personal injury claim process begins with attempting to settle your claim, typically through the responsible party’s insurance company. This may sound simple, but insurance companies will require compelling proof that their insured is at fault and that you are entitled to the compensation you are seeking. Many insurance companies will try to settle your claim for as little as possible, typically for far less than what it is worth.

If you are unable to settle your claim for a reasonable amount, your only option is to go to court. The legal process can be extremely difficult for non-lawyers to navigate and even a minor mistake can seriously jeopardize your claim.

At Tiveron Law, we believe in aggressively pursuing the compensation you deserve. When you work with a Buffalo personal injury attorney from our firm, they are fully prepared to go to court from the outset. This helps us settle claims quickly and fairly, as well as helps us build the strongest possible case should the responsible party be unwilling to settle.

Injured? Talk to a Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer at Tiveron Law Today

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