I’m buying or selling a house

For most of us, our home will be our largest investment. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you take the proper steps when entering such a significant transaction, especially if you are purchasing your first home. A home can become your most important asset or your largest liability, even for savvy real estate buyers.

A Real Estate Attorney Represents the Client’s Best Interests in a Real Estate Deal

It is essential to initiate a relationship with an attorney from the start of any real estate transaction. An attorney’s sole job is to represent the client’s best interests. A real estate attorney will first assist buyers with generating the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement is the single most important document in the transaction. It should address any concerns, such as what happens if a home inspection reveals asbestos or other hazards or what happens to the down payment if the sale falls through at the last minute.

An Attorney Provides Experience & Minimizes Liability

A real estate attorney can provide you with legal advice and will minimize or avoid any potential legal landmines that lurk beneath the surface of a closing. An attorney will not only review your contract and address any liens through a title search, but they will also thoroughly review all of the documents that you sign at the closing. A real estate attorney will ensure that a client is guided through the entire closing process, that all documents are prepared correctly, and that the closing happens within the desired timeframe.

What a Real Estate Attorney Will Do For You:

  • Drafting legal contracts with any needed contingencies (including your purchase agreement!)
  • Assuring that the title is clear of liens or judgments
  • Backing up your real estate agent if negotiations are needed post-inspection
  • Closely examining escrow documents for any issues
  • Preparing and reviewing all home sale fees and their calculations
  • Recording deed and mortgage with county clerk’s office.

The Tiveron Law Advantage

We're proud to have our own in-house Title Insurance Department – unlike many other firms which outsource this responsibility. This means that your policy is processed quickly, efficiently, and economically. Our Mortgage Loan Department assists most Banks, Private Lenders and Federal Credit Unions. In representing both purchasers and lenders we can streamline the process enabling a more time-efficient closing; we can also offer closing services at any one of our five convenient office locations, avoiding a trip to the County Clerk's Office.

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