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WNY Vehicle Crashes into Buildings Gaining Speed

September 30, 2011
As many Western New Yorker’s are aware, there has been a rash of vehicles crashing into buildings in 2011 so far, including the most recent today, September 30th, into the front of Dessert Deli in a busy plaza at Maple...
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Driving Under the Influence & Leandra’s Law

September 29, 2011
Published in a recent article in the Buffalo News, a Hamburg woman received both jail and probation time for driving under the influence of a narcotic drug with young children in the vehicle.  Drinking and driving laws in...
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No-Fault Auto Insurance: Things You Should Know

September 27, 2011
Today, September 27, 2011, The Buffalo News published an article regarding a Buffalo man “charged with running a red light and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle following a T-bone crash.” There are...
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Reviewing Your Insurance Limits: Pedestrian Safety

September 8, 2011
Earlier this summer a Buffalo-area physician was charged with drunken driving in the hit-and-run death of a young woman who was struck while skateboarding home in a suburban neighborhood from her job. On a late Friday night...