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2410 North Forest Road

January 29, 2010
After nearly two decades at One John James Audubon Parkway in Amherst, we have relocated our main office to 2410 North Forest Road (just across the intersection from our current location). We are...
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No Deal Reached on a Federal Estate Tax Extension

January 4, 2010
As a follow up to our notice of last week, it would appear that no deal has been reached for the extension of the current Federal Estate Tax.  Instead, the Federal Estate Tax expired 12/31/09 and we will...
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No Deal Likely on Federal Estate Tax Extension

December 22, 2009
While the House recently passed a bill to reinstate the estate tax in 2010, last week the Senate rejected a measure to temporarily extend it. As we previously announced, the House of Representatives voted to permanently...
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Tiveron Law Welcomes Thomas R. Casano

December 16, 2009
Tiveron Law is pleased to welcome Thomas R. Cassano as Executive Counsel to our firm’s Matrimonial and Family Law Department. Mr. Cassano has limited his practice almost exclusively in the area of matrimonial and...
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Homeowner’s Insurance Statute of Limitations

December 8, 2009
Homeowner’s insurance provides coverage in event of damage to your property. Your homeowner’s insurance may cover damage from fire, smoke, windstorm, hail and/or snow. Everyone’s homeowner’s insurance covers...