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Estate Planning Presentations: Stephen Silverstein

March 18, 2019

Getting up in front of a crowd to talk about estate planning and elder law is nothing new to Stephen Silverstein. He’s had more than 30 years of experience with the subject, first as a bank trust officer and later as an attorney at Tiveron Law in that specialized practice area. It’s a practice Silverstein doesn’t see slowing down any time soon because, as he says, “Death, disability and conflicts are facts of life.”

Every year, Silverstein presents conferences both to community groups as well as fellow attorneys at CLE seminars regarding the ‘ever-evolving’ aspects of estates. He sees these presentations as a necessary public service to provide guidance on these topics to as many people as possible – after all, nearly everyone will be faced with these issues at some point in their lives.

This summer, Silverstein plans to present seminars on several topics, including special needs trusts, guardianships, and long-term care planning. Stay tuned for further announcements.