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Income Tax Relief for Property Owners Facing Foreclosure

November 10, 2008
Though the Buffalo area has not been hit as hard by the mortgage crisis as other parts of the country, there are still many local people who are affected. Whether in a foreclosure situation or in negotiating with a lender to...
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New York Property Deed

October 31, 2008
A client recently shared with me an unsolicited offer he had received in the mail. The company offered to obtain (for a sizeable fee) a certified copy of the client’s deed of ownership to his property from the local county...
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Avoiding Fraud

October 27, 2008
I read with interest a September 26, 2008, article in The Buffalo News,  about an 88 year old area widow who had been bilked out of close to $80,000.00 for home improvements that were never done and were done in a shoddy...
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Medicare and Settling Your Personal Injury Action

January 22, 2008
When the time comes to settle a personal injury suit, litigants should be aware that Medicare may have a potential lien against the settlement proceeds in instances where Medicare has made past, conditional payments for...