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Real Estate Team Spotlight: A Storied History

April 12, 2023

Buffalo Real Producers Magazine- April 2023

Article by Dr. Brian Ramsey

In many ways, Diane Tiveron, a partner of Tiveron Law (formerly known as HoganWillig), and her company have a storied history with an American dream element added.  Diane started as a clerk at the law firm while still in law school (1988), and she has persevered to the top, leading this firm with twenty one members in the Real Estate Department alone.  Her demeanor is humble yet strong, and her strategy has always been the same: provide the best and most knowledgeable team so that families can achieve their dreams of home ownership.  “It probably does not sound flashy,” she quips, “but we are knowledgeable problem solvers, and agents and clients can depend on us to bring things to completion in a timely manner.”

Diane explains that one of their noticeable advantages is their bench strength.  The attorneys and paralegals at Tiveron Law have all kinds of experience and longevity – both in the law firm and in the industry.  To oversimplify, the team has been there and done that, and they have a long list of satisfied people to support it.  When you add up the combined experience in legal and real estate matters, Tiveron’s real estate team total comes to 564 years. The buy/sell paralegals have an average of 28 years of experience each, and the mortgage paralegals have an average of 25 years of experience each.  The firm closes on average 2500 real estate files each year, and they even have an in-house Title Department that can promptly address title issues.

In addition to these strengths, the Tiveron team is quite adept at collaborating with one another, as well as with the other vast resources within the 80+ person general practice law firm, and are known for their ability to work with many professionals as they strive for the finish line.  “We are not about roadblocks or creating problems,” says Diane, “but we are about finding solutions and helping agents and their clients navigate the process of completing their home ownership journey.”  People appreciate the professionalism of the firm and their efficient and timely communication.  One person complimented a team member by saying, “she always answered the phone by the second ring” – very precise.

Agents and their clients also love the precise knowledge and laser focused attention to detail that Tiveron Law provides.  They have a knack for understanding the emotional roller coaster that real estate transactions provide, and they bring a calm confidence to the ride.  Each member of the firm is dedicated to going above and beyond the benchmark for excellence, and they are known for making deadlines on time.  Diane notes that they are not perfect, but they strive to fix any issues and more importantly, use those instances as opportunities to make their process better.

For the Tiveron Law Firm, success is about performing competently and well.  They want to help their clients avoid worry.  They perform these tasks every day and are used to the process, but they know that the many clients they help each year are probably not accustomed to the ebbs and flows.  They also know that when people refer them (and they do a lot), they have done a good job.

Diane enjoys her community, and she is excited about the fact that Buffalo and WNY has recently grown – seeing property values increase and infrastructure improve.  The market is more robust, and people are taking pride in the place they live.  As a part of the process of growth, Diane appreciates the fact that Tiveron Law can be a sort of “answer box” for many.  They have people call them often for clarification and advice on many different issues, and they have become a trusted resource.

The Tiveron team is very good at their craft, but they also seek to be well-rounded as individuals.  A wide range of people and interests makes them relatable to their clients.  Regarding legacy, Diane trusts that people someday will remember them as a firm that helped many navigate the unfamiliar process and who also helped them avoid left turns.  “I hope people say that we helped them get what they wanted and that we found our niche in our community,” says Diane. 

Going forward, Tiveron Law will continue to watch for the trends of the market, and as always, they will stay agile and continue creating ways to reinforce the great work they do. They want to be appreciated not only by the agents and clients they serve but also by their peers.

For more information about Tiveron Law PLLC and its five locations, you may call 716-636-7600