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Technically Speaking

January 20, 2020

Data Privacy & Security Regulations

Buffalo Business First

Cyber attacks and data breaches

Despite the frequency of data breaches internationally, Western New York attorneys said for some business entities heightened cybersecurity remains an afterthought. People take notice when it happens in their own community or to their own personal information.

Jeffrey Tyrpak, counsel at Tiveron Law PLLC, said the 2017 breach of systems at Erie County Medical Center Corp. turned a lot of heads.

“I think locally (that) breach was huge as far as changing people’s minds,” he said.

Tyrpak advises companies regarding data security and privacy in addition to his work in real estate law.

Over the years, he noticed that many businesses tended not to take action until their hands were forced. With increased awareness, though, he said that mentality has changed.

“I think that is the (mindset) that’s been changing right now,” he said.

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