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S.A.V.E.D.: Five Steps for Making Financial Decisions

September 17, 2015
When making any kind of financial decision, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. You can save yourself from regret later by following the acronym SAVED: STOP for a mental break Stop and give yourself time to make a good...
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Pending New York Family Law Changes

August 26, 2015
In June of 2015, a bill passed the New York Assembly (A07645) and Senate (05678) relating primarily, but not exclusively, to the determination of maintenance/spousal support.  These changes continue to await the...
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Take Care of Your Property, Even When Moving Out

August 12, 2015
A peculiar situation arose a few weeks ago which greatly jeopardized one of our closings.  I won’t tell you whether we represented the Seller or the Purchaser; from the point of view of this entry it doesn’t matter. ...