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So Let’s Talk Private Student Loans!!

September 18, 2012
The instant you realize that you are financially overextended the walls of your reality start closing in fast. The financial burdens begin to dramatically take effect and the weight of the debt and the pressures associated...
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If You Experience Something, Say Something

September 11, 2012
With insurance fraud on the rise, personal injury victims are often confronted with the accusation that the incident that they are seeking to recover for (slip and fall, car accident or work related injury) did not ever...
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Workplace Bullying and the Healthy Workplace Bill

August 27, 2012
Statistics show that workplace bullying affects 1 in 6 American workers.  Despite such startling statistics, there is presently no law on the books which protects employees from an abusive work environment.  Yet,...
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Appeals 101: What a Client Should Know

August 20, 2012
By the time you have reached a point in your lawsuit where the term “appeal” becomes relevant to you, you probably already feel like you have a sense of how the legal system works. Appeals are quite a bit different...
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Understanding CPS and Family Court Neglect Proceedings

August 14, 2012
Getting a knock on the door from a CPS caseworker or receiving a “notification letter” in the mail that you’ve been named as a subject in a report of suspected child abuse or maltreatment is a scary experience. Clients...