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Long-Term Care: What You Need to Know

February 21, 2019
While it might be hard to imagine now, chances are you’ll need some help taking care of yourself later in life. Whether for injury/surgery rehabilitation, a chronic medical condition or advanced-age limitations, the time...
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What to Expect During a Divorce

February 7, 2019
Divorce is a tough subject. It’s taxing, it’s complex — and yes, it’s stressful. There are a lot of facets to a divorce, and all of the legal terms and procedures a divorcing couple may be encountering for the first...
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The 6 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

January 16, 2019
Estate planning will effect almost everyone at some point in their lives, whether it’s through creating their own estate plan, or through being a party to someone else’s estate. Despite its far-reaching effects, most of...
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How do you prove Medical Malpractice?

January 7, 2019
Throughout our lives, we obtain medical care for all different types of conditions, diseases, aches, and pains. From time to time, many of us feel that we – or a loved one – were not treated properly by a hospital or...