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What Do I Do If I Owe Taxes… And Can’t Pay

January 12, 2009
With the current bleak state of the economy, many taxpayers may find their ability to pay taxes has been negatively impacted by unemployment or corporate downsizing, loss on investments and reduced income. When in these...
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Grandparent Visitation – Know Your Rights

December 15, 2008
Far more often than not, grandparents play a special role in the lives of their grandchildren. In recent years, many grandparents have become increasingly involved in their grandchildren’s lives, from seeing them on a...
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SUM Things to Know About Insurance

November 28, 2008
In these turbulent economic times, many of us are concerned about protecting our assets, whether it is the home, savings for a child’s education, or a dwindling retirement account.  We need no reminder that life holds...
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Identity Theft and Your Home

November 20, 2008
I attended a meeting this morning where it was announced that there had been a significant rise in title insurance claims in New York State.  These claims are made against title insurance policies issued to either the...